Getting into medical school is hard. I can help.


I cracked the code and beat the odds. So can you.

The process of getting into medical school is exhausting. Thankfully, there are strategies and tips you can use to make it easier and increase your candidacy. I'll tell you how to score killer letters of recommendation, ace the MCAT, what experiences admissions committees actually care about, how to write a memorable personal statement, how to nail an interview, and more. I'll tell you how to get into medical school using strategies NO OTHER consultant knows at a fraction of their cost.

If for some reason you're experiencing trouble and think medical school may be out of your reach, stop telling yourself that. I'll tell you how I went from a mediocre gpa and an embarrassing MCAT score to multiple acceptances to medical schools and post baccalaureate programs.

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How can I help?

General consultation

Don't know where to start? Head spinning with a million questions? WHO'S FLYING THIS THING?! Don't panic. Start here and we'll figure out how to make you a doctor. Whether you’re a pre-med freshman or you graduated ten years ago, I can help you.

MCAT 101

Learn how I went from an MCAT score in the bottom third to top 5% in the country. You can do it too, all without wasting your money on expensive prep courses.

Personal statement editing

Medical schools read thousands of personal statements each cycle. Make yours stand out from the rest and avoid getting immediately tossed into the rejection pile. 

Secondary essay editing

Secondary essays suck and they pile up fast, but if you want to get into your top school you had better ace it. They determine whether you get an interview invite or just bite your nails for the next 6 months. 

Mock interviews

Nervous during interviews? Paranoid about how to explain that rough semester on your transcript? Relax. I can guide you through what you'll be asked and tell you what to say.

Post BACCALAUREATE consulting 

Interested in a post bacc? Believe me, the market is ten times more daunting than medical school. I'll guide you through which options have the best odds of getting you into medical school and which ones simply get you a very expensive piece of paper.


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.
— Thomas H. Palmer


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