Ask me anything and hear success stories.


What if I don't even know where to begin?

It's OK, neither did I at first. A general consult is perfect for these kind of situations.

What if I have infractions on my record?

You're not the first and you won't be the last. I can tell you how to deal with these whether it's cheating, conduct violations, etc. Don't think these equal a dead-end.

But my stats are awful!

Would you believe very few people admitted to medical school have a 4.0 and perfect MCAT? I can help you get into medical school with a low gpa or MCAT. It's not over.

Why are you so much cheaper?

I'm not trying to get rich and I don't have to pay a superfluous "team" that has no direct experience. Other companies make you pay a fortune to mostly interact with helpers. Everything is done straight through me.

what if i'm INTERESTED in an osteopathic school?

This is another area where I set myself apart. Every single consultant I've personally hired or come across is an MD and as a result they simply aren't as knowledgeable about the DO schools and application process. I know them just as well as MD schools (and trust me, there IS a difference). I know what they really look for in applicants and you will too.

Who can benefit most from this?

Just about everyone. If you're an undergrad I can tell you what will actually help and what doesn't matter—even down to what major to choose and what classes will help for the MCAT (seriously, if you're a premed struggling academically, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY before you dig a hole you can't get out of). I'm also great with non-traditional students (have been out of school several years and/or don’t have a degree in a science-related field), students with a poor gpa/MCAT, or students worried that a negative record will haunt them (caught with alcohol freshman year? I’ll tell you what to do). Even if you have a great gpa or MCAT, you still have to write a convincing personal statement and be able to nail an interview. Whatever you need help in, I can do it.




I was about to give up on my dream of being a doctor, but the guru helped me through the process and now I’m in my first year of med school. I don’t want to think about where I’d be without him.
— Kelly, NSU-COM

I had a great MCAT score, GPA, and had tons of interviews, but never got an offer. The guru helped me think of the right answers that interviewers want to hear, and now my only problem is deciding which school I want to go to!
— Russell, Dallas

I’m great at science, but barely knew where to start on my personal statement. Turns out my first draft was filled with cliches that just about everyone writes. The guru helped me write a PS so good that several of my interviewers complimented me on it!
— Brian, AT Still (Kansas)

I had a lousy undergrad experience and my stats were just plain bad. I knew I needed a postbacc but didn’t know where to start. The guru knows EXACTLY which programs can get you into med school, which ones just want to take your money, and most importantly how to get accepted.
— Jamal, WesternU MSMS program

I hired another service like this before and wasn’t really impressed, despite it costing the GDP of Bangladesh. The guru gave me tips I’ve never come across before or since and was instrumental to getting me accepted into my top choice medical school. Doesn’t hurt that he undercuts the other guys too.
— Ashley, Harvard medical school